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Treblis Software develops and markets quality software solutions that provide a higher appreciation and understanding of music for music educators, students and professionals. Our software products are designed to address and reinforce piano pedagogy and other instrumental disciplines, whether it be performance techniques, music reading, ear training, or music theory.

Our Products

Learn to play piano with a breakthrough piano music reading software called MusicInteract. The current version of MusicInteract is supported on Windows XP. MusicInteract for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is now available. MusicInteract for Mac is now available. You may also run MusicInteract on a Mac that has Parallel Desktop. This application assists in teaching and learning piano. It can enhance the learning experience by means of improving sight reading, and note reading skills. With MusicInteract, learning to read music has never been so easy. It takes less time and effort to learn new music, and it is so much fun. It offers a wide array of features to facilitate the learning process and may be used in the studio or home environment. Are you considering teaching a piano lab. MusicInteract is ideal for teaching group lessons. Student performance statistics are available through the teacher's login page. Increase earning potential by effectively teaching several students at once with the assistance of MusicInteract software technology. MusicInteract is currently available free for download and contains a large library of music for all levels. New music is added on a regular basis. Visit the online music directory for the current listing.

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