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MusicInteract Download

Version 4.2 for Windows XP
Version 5.0 for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Versions 1.7 for Mac OS X 10.7 and above.
Version 1.4 for iPad
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About this product:

MusicInteract is an interactive music software product that can literally be called a Virtual Piano Teacher. This product shall by no means replace a professional teacher, however, it can be used in a teaching environment to enhance the learning experience by means of technology. This product is designed with piano pedagogy concepts. This product is ideal for group environments and can be used at the student’s home for daily practice sessions.

New Profile and Login Requirements:

To make use of the latest features of MusicInteract you must have a User Profile and Paid Subscription. (Windows 8 only) There is no fee for creating a profile. The Subscription costs are not automatically renewed. You are responsible to renewing the subscription each time it expires. MusicInteract displays the expiration date each time you login. You may extend the annual subscription by one extra year.

For Mac and iPad, you may purchase MusicBucks through in app purchase and own the music copy, or subscribe for full access to the music library.


This product is designed to work on Windows XP and above, and Mac OS X 10.7 and above. MusicInteract for Mac OS X 10.7 and up is now available.

To enjoy the benefits of this product, it is necessary to have a midi piano keyboard, preferably with 88 keys, and a computer connected to the internet. The music file directory is retrieved online and it is continuously updated with new material.

MIDI Connectors or Cables:

If your digital keyboard supports a USB connection, you can connect your iPad with an iPad Camera Connection Kit from Apple. If your keyboard only supports standard Midi connection, you can obtain a i-MX1 connector from Yamaha.


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Mac OS X 10.6/10.7 +
iPad visit the app store
Windows Vista/7/8
Windows 98/Windows XP
XML 4 SP2 for Windows XP

Windows XP should already have XML 4 installed. In the event that MusicInteract fails to start, download and install XML 4 to correct the problem.

Special Download for MusicInteract 4.2 instructions. The automated download will prompt that a new Updater is available. Click okay to download it automatically. When MusicInteract starts up again, close it, then manually run the MusicInteractUpdater.exe found in the install directory for MusicInteract. This will download the neccessary files to properly run MusicInteract 4.2. The latest update includes an improved metronome timing with performance improvements.

Windows Vista/7/8 installs with the ClickOnce feature. You will be notified anytime new updates are available.

Mac users should be connected to a midi device to enjoy midi input and output. Please use the Audio Midi Setup / MIDI Studio tool for testing your midi connection, which can be found by clicking Launchpad / Other.

If you have any difficulty downloading the product from the CNet website, please contact Customer Support by email and request a direct download link for MusicInteract.

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