Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does the midi keyboard not appear on the midi configuration manager?

A. Make sure the proper midi drivers are installed on the computer, then turn on the keyboard and wait about 10 seconds after it is turned on before starting MusicInteract.

Q. When I press the keys on the keyboard, MusicInteract does not appear to do anything.

A. This is most likely caused by incorrect selection of Midi In for your particular keyboard device. Make you have the proper driver installed for your electronic keyboard. Drivers may be found on the Internet. Type in the keyboard brand name and model number in a Google search to find a supported driver you can download. Before starting MusicInteract, turn on the electronic keyboard first, wait about 10 seconds, then start the MusicInteract. The keyboard input device should appear under the Midi In and Midi Out columns.

Q. I am getting an installation error "Internal Error 2762". Was the program installed correctly?

A. Yes, the program installed properly. This is a known issue with the installer that will be corrected in a near future release. This only affects instalation on Windows XP.

Q. Why are there frequent updates of MusicInteract?

A. MusicInteract is continuously under development. The music files are XML based and the software may not be able to handle all notation practices at the time the music files are generated. It is therefore neccessary to improve the software product to accomodate these notation practices. As the music library increases, the product will be able to handle most all notation practices.

Q. Why are grace notes sounding grouped as one sound when the music is played with the Play Music button?

A. You can perform the grace notes as you normally do. MusicInteract will interpret them which ever way you play them. MusicInteract will support the ability to play the grace notes correctly through the Play Music feature in a future release.

Q. When installing the latest update, does the Modify option replace the installation files properly?

A. To avoid possible conflicts, it is always best to uninstall the previous installation by selecting the Remove option. After the product is removed, run the setup again to re-install the product.

Q. Does MusicInteract support 64 bit processor?

A. Yes. Make sure to right click and select properties to enable Windows XP compatibility mode.

Q. Is MusicInteract DPI aware?

A. MusicInteract is not DPI aware at the moment. Efforts are being made to have MusicInteract DPI aware in the near future. Click here to get instructions on how to change display to default size on Windows 7. Similar steps can be taken for Windows XP and higher.

Q. I am unable to update MusicInteract. I get Runtime Error 70, Access is Denied. How can I fix this?

A. This problem occurs when MusicInteract does not shut itself down to allow for the update. This bug is fixed with version 4.1.7 and up. Reboot the computer, then run the Update utility MusicInteractUpdater.exe from the MusicInteract install directory. The latest software will update automatically.

Q. Can I run MusicInteract without a subsciption?

A. Yes, but with limited functionality. Some features require a user profile. Also, you will have access to a limited number of pieces. With a subscription, you will have access to the entire library.

Q. Why am I not able to hear sound with M-Audio keyboard.

A. MusicInteract was designed with keyboards producing their own sound. Sound support for M-Audio will be available for future updates of MusicInteract.

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Known Issues:

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