Bug Date Reported Status
1. Strange characters appearing instead of music notes. December 30 2011 Resolved
2. DPI currently unsupported. December 27 2011 Open
3. Midi-in and Midi-out behaving abnormally January 2 2012 Resolved
4. Interaction in learning mode freezes frequently when notes missed or errors played. January 6 2012 Resolved
5. Midi input stops unexpectedly preventing ability to interact with keyboard. January 9 2012 Resolved
6. Midi input stops after playing 3 notes. Note on keyboard display don't turn off after key click. February 9 2012 Resolved
7. Midi input stops receiving messages after playing though the piece once. April 15 2012 Pending
8. M-Audio keyboard currently not producing sound through app, will be supported in future update. January 4 2015  

Please note that if there are any difficulties or problems using the product, file a bug by contacting treblis support.